Our Program

A brief description of our program is below.

A horse, usually a Thoroughbred, is purchased from the kill buyer, a Coggins test is immediately pulled at the sale. The horse is then transported to a quarantine facility that we use in Maryland, where he or she is boarded for minimum of 30 days. He or she is then transported to a training facility we have been generously granted use of.

At the training farm each horse receives his or her vetting, shots, teeth exam and floating if needed. The horse is then visited by our Blacksmith for his or her tootsie check, and then its off to the main farm.

Each horse then receives a minimum 60 days training (usually 90 days) in addition to ground work, and their prior track training, etc.

Our adoption fees range, on average, from $1800 to $3500. Some fees will be lower, some higher.

Each horse is brought up to date on teeth, feet, shots, deworming, etc. We run the rescue like a business, we need to be solvent in order to save more horses. We run an above board, transparent rescue and pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

We do not pull horses from the sale and make them available the next day...our program is thorough, we pay attention to detail, pay attention to the horses behavior, handling, riding and other details that help us make a great match for both horse and adopter.

We do NOT deal with broker horses, we feel this blurs the line between horses truly in need of assistance and those horses being sold for a commission to the seller/web site hoster.

To raise funds to save more horses we write grants, hold fundraisers, and charge adoption fees, etc.

The main differences between adopting (with a transfer of ownership in most cases) an Angel Acres rescue horse and purchasing from a horse dealer are:

  • You have our personal guarantee on each and every horse.
  • We strive to ensure an excellent match between horse and adopter.
  • We offer after adoption support for the new horse owner.
  • Your adoption fees save another horse from the kill buyer/slaughter house!

Please write or call if you have any questions about our program.

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