Homeless Horses

What is a Homeless Horse?

A homeless horse is a horse that has simply outgrown the reason he or she was bred.
Daisy Duke

A homeless horse is NOT an "unwanted horse" there is NO such thing as an "unwanted horse" in the United States.

All domesticated equines were bred with human intervention.

There is NO free breeding in the USA. NO ONE has a litter of horses show up on their doorstep one day.

Horses in need of rescue or assistance are simply homeless, usually through no fault of their own, and are looking for a second chance at life.

Homeless horses are, in most cases, are healthy and sound. A recent statistic from Animal Welfare Institute's Website states, "In fact, 92.3 percent of horses arriving at slaughter plants in this country in recent years were deemed to be in "good" condition, according to the US Department of Agriculture's Guidelines for Handling and Transporting Equines to Slaughter. The horse slaughter industry makes a greater profit off of healthy horses and therefore purposely seeks out such animals."

Don't believe the pro-slaughter hype - there are NO unwanted horses; simply homeless horses in need of a second chance.

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