Yes, We're Different

Angel Acres rescues horses that are bound for slaughter and horses that have been seized by humane law enforcement due to cruelty or neglect.

Contrary to popular belief the vast majority of horses being bought for slaughter are NOT ill, sickly, crippled, lame; a tremendous number of horses that are being sent to slaughter (to feed foreign diners) are young, sound and healthy and ready for a new life.


Angel Acres offers assistance to horses in need, as well as horse owners need via Mattie's Legacy Fund, and strives to raise awareness about horse slaughter, the need for responsible horse ownership and the need to reduce the number of horses (we are praying for the day when ZERO is the number sent to slaughter) sent to slaughter each year.

1) We do NOT go on forums, chat rooms, etc and beg for money to save a horse and scream that the "truck is coming" for sadly, the truck is always coming. 

2) We DO know how much is in our slaughter fund, BEFORE, we go to the sale.
By knowing what we have to work with, we can do a better job for the horses we save. 

3) You may want to check out this post about the real cost of saving a horse, the right way.

4) We DO screen adopters and we mean REALLY screen them however, we do NOT do the crazy, "I want your blood type, your last 10 addresses and the name of your kindergarten teacher", but real, live, important questions that tell us whether or not an Angel Acres horse should be in your future. You can see our adoption application here, go ahead check it out, you won't need therapy when your done, we promise! LOL! 


Glad you asked...

We are committed to having one of the best rescue retraining and rehoming adoption programs in the country as shown by our participation in the rigorous accreditation process of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries; we were the second equine facility accredited in the country. 

Becoming a GFAS accredited facility demonstrates our strong belief in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of equine care & non-profit governance.

GFAS Accredited Facilities must maintain the highest standards in all aspects of non-profit administration, animal care & self governance (full list below).

�Governing Authority 
�Guidelines (regarding acquisition, handling, commercial activities and more) 
�Physical Facilities 
�Other Programs/Activities 
�Veterinary Medical Program 
�Animal Care

Jo Deibel Talks Horse Slaughter

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