Adoption Philosophy


At Angel Acres, we believe that our adopters should actually own their horse. We transfer ownership of all of our horses unless otherwise noted. We DO get first right of refusal for every horse that is adopted out.

Which means, suppose you adopt a horse for $1800 (example adoption fee, some horses are higher, some are lower) and you spend two years turning that horse into a champion jumper, some rescues won't allow you to sell the horse and must return them to the rescue. We allow you to sell the horse AFTER we have been offered the horse back at YOUR asking price, NOT the original adoption fee. We also MUST be notified BEFORE offering the horse for sale in writing and via phone that an adopter is intending to sell their horse.

Once the horse has found a new home, Angel Acres must approve said home, BEFORE the sale is complete. We feel all of our adopters are kind, loving and caring horse owners, as such, we are confident that our adopters will make the right decision for their horse.

This allows Angel Acres to place more horses in a timely fashion. Jo purchased her first horse from Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue and ownership was transferred to Jo...thanks, we think! LOL! Look at the change one horse has made in her life...if she had not adopted Madison and owned her outright, who know if things would have been the same.

Because Jo was allowed to own Maddie and experience horse ownership and the wonderful feeling of saving a life, it inspired her to help found Angel Acres!

Jo Deibel Talks Horse Slaughter

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