What We Do

  • Help Angel Acres continue to raise awareness about horse slaughter - beyond rescuing horses in need, we need to educate the general non-horse owning public about the horrors that happen to horses bound for slaughter for human consumption. Join our cause (no graphic photos) today - click here to join!
  • Contact your State and local representatives by clicking this HSUS provided link here.
  • Contact your Federal representatives by clicking this HSUS provided link here.
  • Tell SOMEONE what you have learned about horse slaughter - that it is NOT humane euthanasia.
  • Visit Canadian Horse Defense Coalitions Website to see videos of horse slaughter - the laws may say horses "must be rendered unconscious via humane methods" before they are slaughtered. The videos at CHDC's website CLEARLY shows horses AWAKE while being brutally, horrifically slaughtered. Some of the videos are GRAPHIC hidden camera footage.
  • Please read & share this peer reviewed article with everyone you know! Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette would have you believe horse meat is safe, as they want to feed it to needy American citizens! This is SO far from the truth - horse meat is loaded with drugs that cause cancer and other serious, even fatal disorders in people!

  • Are you a horse owner? Do you have an extra stall? Would you like to become an Angel Acres Foster home? Contact us and learn how to join our emergency foster network.
  • Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date with latest horse welfare information.
  • Find a good rescue and support it! Visit the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries GFAS website and/or The Fugly Blogto find a good, solid rescue that really is in it for the horses!
  • Once you have found a good rescue, visit, volunteer and get involved!

  • Do NOT be fooled by "rescues" like United Horsemen who are PRO slaughter!

    Do you have contacts or own advertising space? If so, please help us by putting up our billboards, website links, facebook info, etc! Contact usand we will get right back with you!

  • Donate to our cause and help us purchase more advertising space - if the general public knows - we WILL win!

Jo Deibel Talks Horse Slaughter

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