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  • Some of the most important things we need help with are also the easist.  We need your help raising awareness about horse slaughter. We know it's a sensitive topic, but we need your help to bring about change. People cannot fix a problem they are not aware of - many people have NO idea that horse slaughter exists or even the true nature of horse slaugter.

Volunteering is EASY!

Easiet of all and can be done in your pj's - Take just a few minutes of your time to share our causes page with your friends and family.  Take a moment and spread the word to anyone who will listen that horse slaughter is NOT human euthanasia.

Email us for our non-graphic brochures to post in your neighborhood - pet stores, malls, restaurants, salons, anywhere people go that has a bulletin board (always ask permission to post them first).

Do you have a skill or own a business that could help us raise awareness?  We need help in these areas


  • Fundraising
  • Print Ad Space
  • Bumper Sticker Printing
  • Graphic Design
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Video
  • PSA Assistance
  • Media Outlet
  • Radio
  • Online Advertising Space
  • Anything you might think that could help us get more boards up and the word out!

 Click HERE to fill out a volunteer application.

 If you'd like more infomation about volunteering simply Contact Us  if your skill set or area of expertise is not listed and still want to help, drop us a note! We'd still love to chat with you!

Jo Deibel Talks Horse Slaughter

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