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Here is where general information and notes about rescue, adoption, volunteering, etc will appear.

Angel Acres rescues horses that are bound for slaughter and horses that have been seized by humane law enforcement due to cruelty or neglect.

Contrary to popular belief the vast majority of horses being bought for slaughter are NOT ill, sickly, crippled, lame; a tremendous number of horses that are being sent to slaughter (to feed foreign diners) are young, sound and healthy and ready for a new life.


Angel Acres offers assistance to horses in need, as well as horse owners need via Mattie's Legacy Fund, and strives to raise awareness about horse slaughter, the need for responsible horse ownership and the need to reduce the number of horses (we are praying for the day when ZERO is the number sent to slaughter) sent to slaughter each year.

1) We do NOT go on forums, chat rooms, etc and beg for money to save a horse and scream that the "truck is coming" for sadly, the truck is always coming. 

2) We DO know how much is in our slaughter fund, BEFORE, we go to the sale.
By knowing what we have to work with, we can do a better job for the horses we save. 

3) You may want to check out this post about the real cost of saving a horse, the right way.

4) We DO screen adopters and we mean REALLY screen them however, we do NOT do the crazy, "I want your blood type, your last 10 addresses and the name of your kindergarten teacher", but real, live, important questions that tell us whether or not an Angel Acres horse should be in your future. You can see our adoption application here, go ahead check it out, you won't need therapy when your done, we promise! LOL! 


Glad you asked...

We are committed to having one of the best rescue retraining and rehoming adoption programs in the country as shown by our participation in the rigorous accreditation process of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries; we were the second equine facility accredited in the country. 

Becoming a GFAS accredited facility demonstrates our strong belief in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of equine care & non-profit governance.

GFAS Accredited Facilities must maintain the highest standards in all aspects of non-profit administration, animal care & self governance (full list below).

�Governing Authority 
�Guidelines (regarding acquisition, handling, commercial activities and more) 
�Physical Facilities 
�Other Programs/Activities 
�Veterinary Medical Program 
�Animal Care

A brief description of our program is below.

A horse, usually a Thoroughbred, is purchased from the kill buyer, a Coggins test is immediately pulled at the sale. The horse is then transported to a quarantine facility that we use in Maryland, where he or she is boarded for minimum of 30 days. He or she is then transported to a training facility we have been generously granted use of.

At the training farm each horse receives his or her vetting, shots, teeth exam and floating if needed. The horse is then visited by our Blacksmith for his or her tootsie check, and then its off to the main farm.

Each horse then receives a minimum 60 days training (usually 90 days) in addition to ground work, and their prior track training, etc.

Our adoption fees range, on average, from $1800 to $3500. Some fees will be lower, some higher.

Each horse is brought up to date on teeth, feet, shots, deworming, etc. We run the rescue like a business, we need to be solvent in order to save more horses. We run an above board, transparent rescue and pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

We do not pull horses from the sale and make them available the next day...our program is thorough, we pay attention to detail, pay attention to the horses behavior, handling, riding and other details that help us make a great match for both horse and adopter.

We do NOT deal with broker horses, we feel this blurs the line between horses truly in need of assistance and those horses being sold for a commission to the seller/web site hoster.

To raise funds to save more horses we write grants, hold fundraisers, and charge adoption fees, etc.

The main differences between adopting (with a transfer of ownership in most cases) an Angel Acres rescue horse and purchasing from a horse dealer are:

  • You have our personal guarantee on each and every horse.
  • We strive to ensure an excellent match between horse and adopter.
  • We offer after adoption support for the new horse owner.
  • Your adoption fees save another horse from the kill buyer/slaughter house!

Please write or call if you have any questions about our program.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (click a question to see the answer :o)

Most Asked Question: Do I have to live in Pennsylvania to adopt from your horse rescue?

1. How do we decide which horses to take into Angel Acres?

2. Does it have to be any particular type of horse?

3. How can you become a foster home for rescued horses until they can get a home?

4. How do you follow-up to make sure a horse is being well taken care and is happy?

5. Are your adoptions restricted to a specific location?"

6. If I make a donation, is there any way for me to see where my money is going? Can I see financial information?

7. What kind of home set up does the adopting family need in order to qualify for an adoption?

8. If a horse is in normal foster care, how do you go about allowing the prospective adopter to see the horse>

9. If a horse is in training foster, are the rules the same as regular foster?

10. Do you have a "return" policy regarding adopted horses - such as if the home doesn't work out, or owner can no longer care for horse?

11. Are adoption fees ever refunded (like if the horse didn't work out)?

12. Do you offer any after-adoption education - horse care, horse training info/tips/advice?

13. Does Angel Acres retain ownership of horses that are adopted out?

14. Do you charge a fee to rehome a horse or take the horse back into rescue?

You do NOT have to live in Pennsylvania to adopt from our horse rescue! We adopt horses out the entire USA. We have two rescues that were slaughter bound that now reside in Hawaii, that went to the fabulous Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada first, and then onto Hawaii! Foster is different, see Question #3 above.

1. The majority of horses that come into our rescue are horses that are bound for slaughter for human consumption.

2. We concentrate on Thoroughbreds, but we do rescue other breeds.

3. Foster families must reside within a 25 mile radius of the rescue. They also fill out an application to foster a horse, just like an adopter would fill out to adopt a horse. Foster increments are 3,6, 9 and 12 months. We have a very limited number of foster families, as we do not like to have horses residing in foster care unless it is a life or death situation. The foster families we do have are...well...outstanding!

4. We have various methods in place to ensure that horses are happy, well-taken care of and generally being treated well in their new homes. We generally stay in regular contact with our adopters, ask for and receive updates via email and postal mail, receive video links to shows, events, etc. If there were to be a situation that would arouse our concern, we are able to send out an unbiased third party to judge the condition of the horses. So, far this has not happened, but it is included in our legally binding contract that each adopter signs. And other ways to ensure horses are happy and safe with their adoptive families.

5. We do not base adoption decisions on location of adopter. We adopt to the entire United States and Canada.

6. Absolutely! If you would like your donation used in a specific way, just send us a note with your donation.
Of course, our financial info is available on Guidestar and you can see it by clicking here

7. Please check out our adoption application for more info

8. Horses are not normally adopted from foster homes. Horses that are in foster care must come into the main facility to be evaluated by Jo and are not shown to prospective adopters during their time in foster care. We feel that our foster families are doing us and the horses a huge favor by allowing our horses to stay with them, so we do not like to inconvenience them in anyway. We visit and check in on the horses but do not bring anyone else to visit. Additionally, we cannot assure a successful adoption unless we have had ample time to work with them, reschool them, etc.

9. Same rule applies to this type of foster home as a regular foster home, see answer to #8.

10. We will always take our horses back however; we strive to make the best match possible for horse and adopter. We will not adopt a horse out to any home that is not what we believe the best match possible. We speak extensively with prospective adopters, we work extensively with each horse...this allows us to determine which horse would be suitable for each prospective adopter.

11. We do not refund adoption fees, but we will take the horse back and give the adopter a different horse if the match isn't not working out. We will also exchange the horse if he or she becomes lame, the adopter cannot care for the horse anymore (horse would be returned only), there is no time limit and we will always stand behind our horses.

12. ABSOLUTELY! We especially cater to new, beginning or returning riders! We offer LOTS of after-care! All adopters get Jo's home number and can call anytime day or night with questions concerning their horse...1 day or 10 years after adoption.

13. Angel Acres does NOT retain ownership of most adopted horses, we DO retain the first right of refusal (see our program page for more info). So, our adopters actually own their own horse, with an adoption contract.

14. We do not charge any fees to take a horse back into our rescue.

List of folks sponsoring boards around the country:

Emily Taylor

Sandra Houghton

Ellen Grossman

Lisa Taylor

Pat Boyer

Fran Burns

Leslie Alexander Foundation

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